False Bay - South Africa

False Bay is located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and can be described as a body of water which is defined on the western side of the bay by the finger-like projection of land, known as the Cape Peninsula. It is a scenic bay, approximately 40 km across with the infamous Cape of Storms or Cape Point on its western shores, and Cape Hanglip on its eastern point.

False Bay is still to this day used as a safe anchorage during the winter storms. The name "False Bay" was applied about three hundred years ago, by sailors who confused the bay with Table Bay to the north.

False Bay is also home to the South African Navy which is situated in Simons Town on the western side of the bay.

The eastern and western shores of the bay are rocky and mountainous; in places large cliffs plunge into deep water. The northern shore, however, is defined by a long and curving, sandy beach, reaching from the coastal towns of Muizenberg in the west and to the Strand in the east.

Seal Island is the only island in the bay, and forms one of the main breeding sites for the Cape Fur Seal.